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. the us. where the sun rises the northeast region always with a dozen of the beautiful landscapes history can be together with people in each we ate. with words. worse i
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forty. starting one's own business is a dream of many young and creative intellectual. to help university students preparing to do just that. changes to the school system are being made. some students in delhi university for up to two years' work on setting up their own business. reporter once a while when i see how these young people are utilizing the new system from social perception of people starting up their own
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business and getting the money. the house starting up the business is a trustworthy alternative for creating more jobs. this report. davis a chance to fall back on the various aspects of establishing one's own companies. on tuesday and interval asian session was held at the national assembly and focused on the economy our national assembly corresponding to him he'll give us a sense of the atmosphere and thankful for the issues being discussed. in a recently pointed out that regulations were deteriorating sell korea's economic status. a lot of talk went back and forth over the government's key regulation from. we also got a chance to hear about the government's perspective on this year's personally eight weeks and then in his household debt problem. i can use for it. we are on boys of
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south korea the united states and japan met for talks on people seven in washington dc many were wondering how the talks were on. as the situation on the korean peninsula is changing at a fast paced teaching north korea's recent provocations a nuclear test for us. our foreign ministry for spotting on sunday told us what went on during the talk the three sides agreed to strengthen joint measures against further provocations out of north korea. there were also talks of bringing the north back into the six party talks she blew our minds are borne out by the hustle and bustle of our game and minds and are someone who thinks it's important for us to take breaks. a study done tv
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sculptural corresponding option one it is always present when there is an event involving music for the arts. this time she introduces the essence of the royal silk flower collection of tolls on dynasty which is finally seeing the light once again after two centuries the national palace museum here in seoul is a place where the city palace part effects. nietzsche one will go on a journey back in time i did. it is not new. with the ict sound to me. i'm coming to the full moon titan down. ricci one is a bountiful feast filled with all sorts of delicacies beautiful flowers and no we
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didn't bother fox. but all of them have a hidden secret all of them are really old silk flowers. he asked artificial flowers for me using silk and natural factors to be used as decorations for the royal court's pain points and ceremonies. this is the venue where the exhibition for the royal silk flowers is being held. you can take her eyes off of it. and in the end she says. it is. i don't know. a toy that was presented with a team thousands of customers. it's done. she was assisted off
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the pale. how cool. i'm thankful. watching tv. in the top got into the mt cook took me off. don't even eat the touchline. it is you can't get along well. my worst look like the freaky month percent. i've got to know all master of dusseldorf who has spent about fifty years of her life into studying the story. this tradition is dying of oil a tradition of every teaching artificial flowers. i've got to know her. throughout piece exhibition held last year which featured a barrack dozens of way ie korea snow was coming it. traditional korean art craft art is the issue was one of them and i've got to see one key
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february at the exhibition and i was totally amazed how random it just because of the flowers are a sight to her. still in it. so when i got to know tha her wake. this plane of thought that this is the month each addition. and i really wanted to come protest at the kitchen so that people can see the beauty of the soil of flowers. i don't use. master artist inconsolable. he's the person who made all the oil silk flowers by hand and we created the whole atmosphere of the exhibition. it blinds he is choose islam the title
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and. the they say what you know is what you see. she once he's the exhibition once again under the direction of master artisan park the first includes the execution of a pink wig from eighteen twenty nine which was held to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary of king's meadow succession to the front. the revival of the day which was made possible as this time period in neat rows of dynasty of the most records about royal silk flowers. the ones i sparkled as she learns new facts. they are. and again the g eight weeks during the day and the queen was in
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charge of the pink bikini and thus between staying with his more extravagant and majestic and that of the kinks the colors of the flowers and fruits are dying depending on when the flowers bloom and faltering the four seasons to the creation of the royal silk flowers take as little as a couple of months for as long as several years. seeing the pieces that are long hours of hard work to make she won and other press members could only stand in silence listening to what the master artist and was saying. the historical record a skillet that was totally ok with him. and so much money on it and repeating these flowers. each player lays decorate it with. i just think allison flower is. and that costs at a two hundred thousand us dollars in today's terms. silly you can
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imagine how extravagant and majestic at the same time these flowers where and how much they love to see flowers at their parties. the master artisans and fifty years recreating the whale silk flowers. sochi one pays careful attention to the life story of a master artisan pounds. with tilapia are tight . i think. gardening is roughly two sons i use it now i've been going a bit but that wasn't bad. i get what you see. i don't know. say it of what's it like it at nine am to noon due to begin i mean i might go. i will chill out a present i get to hear this news doesn't want instead of a person and that
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if she decides to get tickets but you would have taken the time since the states and don't i'm gonna dump should i say good night and day it would be built so i am not although when the top of that single bill calling it the time. it did and sent the love seat that goes to sunday with it. like connect to that but i'm human and it's so good when it's the end of this. you'll want to tell. i didn't know what i read what you want to take the eye to see something out of no excuse it going to get it. i'm too tired to download i went to see what is the piece again you don't get it done better. the twenty ten today to visit her again the real silk flowers are known to have been developed for the most during the toasts on dynasty. more so than any other time period we can't help but wonder why
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well quite some chores and dynasty. i never talk to in europe and commerce. because they respect the lives and he knew the persistence of living things. also the flowers where it can feed it to the flowers that never die. so at the well quite need artificial flowers were used to decorate. no ill effects. and they also symbolize the paternity of school. the new. there was something else to enjoy the exhibition. they are the works of the lecture on family who made silk flowers used in the french will port i will. forget it. since then. colors and designs of grass and flower petals were
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to squeeze it in color and shape. but there was something else that's a promise she will. we've included. as usual. you did it is. soil and time periods were different but the schools that were used to create the flowers were almost identical. she was discovered something new everytime she goes out to cover a story all questions to think of that. i am. all told the couple wanted to open and warranty. they are i wouldn't mind. watch out
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haydn. at night. they are it's like i do plan to keep me busy. it all day. is he the good doctor dentist on security. to me. it's not this of course. is there
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though. my success. i'm not it was interesting to see how a piece of french flower is the making process of the spent flowers were all was the theme with up to me and once the flowers stand. i miscarried. on a gentle old she was amazed and south to see how the use of only fifteen schools. i'm making these artificial flowers that i get too graphic or difference of thousands of kilometers. at the femur the early nineteenth century felt like i was wee and just being compassionate interview him and put his sound like to share with the bit that explanation about the similarity of western and asian culture. i will get tight. to prove what i was looking through them. she won the stencils and touch my toes royal silk flowers. she quickly records everything in
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one quarter of the exhibition before she can forget the inspiration she received i see she was wrapped up recovery twitter stand. with each test. he could be seen if this to demonstrate helped us until the korean finance and i get really nanking think gee celebrated his fortieth great day. they are after. ji won is back at the office nbc wrapping up her article the changes through it. she has the edge
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how can she delivered a touching emotions and more it seemed too good he works she concentrates on editing the footage. i am completely at last. she ended her and that evening. the goal for the local people the supplement. dynasty which had been a team that knew him and. or spot up to one thousand small. the national museum of korea. nice right she wanted to try to deliver the extravagance of the royal silk flowers for the techniques required to make them. now don't you try to show the kind consideration of our ancestors did try to refrain from imprisoning and hoping that a teacher. this was one
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story where we could see the hard work and efforts to master artist the real thing italy in eighteen eighty seven rating is bleeding again. koreans. coming to food. exhibitions that show the loyal to this korean art so i thought it was a great chance for an hour if you are a subset of pure yet to be able to he and appreciate the beauty of traditional korean art craft. she's the master. she had. this appeal. there was designated by the korean government has in place and intangible collector of assets. so i went to cheryl. the lifelong commitments. unlike in europe the epa to end the fighting is dying. what tradition
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grocery store with us hoping that as you discuss the future of. but this wired nation is at it. oh and i said things had been changed to another smartphone
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industry is morning's session stuart something cute like yesterday. juju was the meanest thing but now it's bite to eat. we choose between the two techniques stockton. for students dixon is the complete series or uconn in seven years or earlier as possible. it's possible they could even pull up the scandal hit the capital even just couldn't pass up the puck off the coast in toronto. many companies should cooperate the old son oh one when danielle were not one but to some company competes for the she crazy. the trend setters yet to set its own systems and cool. is it the other competition
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the text. he's been sort of quiet as of late the babies and they don't go there to compete. present for sony he's trying to think of what to do the formal position as when he regained it again but what did you remember and i use the japanese films or anything japanese the tories have their own style. he refused to touch it yet succumbed to the outside and the fuel they can impose that on the rest of the world this exposes about the country's culture. it did stitch a coach. another talking to our viewers would only be fascinated by the iowa to your internet of things. in in that respect was the leader which companies and even the teacher will call is very trusting they didn't respond for signs that people say and a city festival. so long and
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difficult but it has no idea and has only confusion and don'ts. and no decision. one is the least evil if it works out to someone else doesn't get any phone so don't get it cut about six months. so some kind of realize it's too late so while he's up to six months. just stay at the high six runs and eight. then came easily. so this tag you there was only six months with the battle of the war but nowadays it's the beginning and the end of the campaign. in this very tech savvy drawn to the vivid and today. santino that for later on down the street you all to see some of the other two seat cushions and apostates more passing the answers can do about it
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he was buried at the forty fifth birthday to the internet and now. he says she does. the bookcase the want or can be shipped out of remorse. on page forty three percent of iowa in a while. which is done in our honor. is this. this is what it means she is just beginning to get it. what do you choose. such as conversion. you know. i'm screwed. she would do me no where. so we shopped more
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funding into the stomach while. india won the olympics is set up altars. it's just my personal feeling and wishful thinking. the rescue the each. one day. nineteen oh nine six gunshots were heard at the harbin train station in russia. to that
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the cry of korea today echoed through history surrealistic shots working with japanese resident general of korea. the two hero game. the men holding the gun was a thirty year old when he tripped on a journey still in korea was under the rule of japanese imperialism. japan was extending the war beyond korea and into the manchurian region. do your opening. with the heart of japanese imperialism. after the assassination during the trial. audrey and spoke as if he had been bleeding for this moment. my assassination of the two hero it was a part of korea's war for independence. i cannot commit this act is an individual. i did this as the wages army chief of staff of the korean empire the independence of my country and restore peace in
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the east. therefore do with me according to the lawns of all nations depending on the jurisdictional koreans the last in just one week after the first royal. then sentenced on june the death penalty. she knew in his ruling. or even secretly given by japan. real that oil leasing district court. make a duty owed to be a heinous criminal. execute them at all costs. after watching the execution. and even return it remains to his family. even though those entries pass on duty and remained still not been able to return home. thirty one year old young korean teachers on duty. he was one of the people. the soldier of korea each heartbeat idea. i
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know. i do. i knew. or. shh
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shh. i know. ch ch. when will
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the white house. the heart of your race. water shortages intercontinental our body. ch sponsored by snow queen the organic law i i i i don't like the diplomat


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